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Toolset Documentation for Soledad Theme

Soledad theme is now custom types ready!

By default, WordPress provides you with two built-in content types, such as posts and pages, however, Soledad is now also optimized for other post types!

Custom post types can help you in many situations, based on the type of content you want to publish on your WordPress site. You can create any type of custom data that does not necessarily fit in a post or a page, such as “books”, “testimonials”, “movies review”, “house for sales”, etc.

Thanks to Toolset plugins, users can add custom types and fields and display them without any conflicts with the features of Soledad theme.

And last but not least, the company behind Toolset also develops WPML, so every custom content created is multilingual-ready!

What can you build with Toolset and Soledad theme?

You can build any type of a site, for example,  directory, listing, and membership sites. All this while using Soledad's beautiful design and no coding is required. In this post, we’ll explain the main important advanced functionalities you can achieve with Soledad theme and Toolset.

The basic setup will include:

  • The Soledad Theme
  • Toolset Types
  • Toolset Views
  • Toolset Layouts
  • Toolset Maps
  • Toolset Access

When you purchase Toolset you get access to the full suite of interconnected plugins we just mentioned above. Depending on the kind of site you want to build, you will need additional Toolset components.

  1. Add some custom content to your site built with Soledad (other than pages and posts)

In our example we have built a real estate website. We needed some custom post types (Houses, Land, Offices), some custom fields (number of bedrooms, price, address) and some taxonomies (Property Features, Property Types etc. ).

Our custom post types

Our custom fields

Our custom taxonomies

On the front-end, each house will be using the same template but will display their own information:

How did we build this template?

To build such a template, you can use Toolset Layouts, a simple drag-and-drop editor which allows you to create your own design for pages, posts, custom post types and Archives. Below, you can see what our template looks like in the Toolset Layouts editor.

Same Template for each property

  1. Create an advanced custom search with your own filters and display the search results as you want.  (Toolset Views)

A custom search allows users to find what they need on your site. Usually, the search form contains advanced filters to help users narrowing down their results. If you are selling houses, users will probably use filters like “price, location, number of bedrooms etc.”.

With Toolset, the search form is built uponthe custom post types, fields and taxonomies that you created previously such as type of property, City, Price Min and Max etc. Ordinarily,  you would need a lot of PHP to achieve such a search, but Toolset makes it easy. The results can be displayed as a list, as a grid, on a slider or even on a map, you choose.

  1. Display content on Google Maps and allow users to search within a radius  (Toolset Maps)

Toolset maps:

Allow users to display any sort of content on Google Maps. For example, you can display the properties created, similar to Airbnb. You can also use your own custom map styling created with tools like Google Maps Styling Wizard.

Toolset radius search:

Thanks to a distance filter, you can allow visitors to display markers according to a distance from a point of interest. In this example, you can allow users to display only property listings that are within a 5 kilometer radius from new York:

  1. Design your own WooCommerce Shop page and customize your single product page (Toolset WooCommerce Views)

Soledad theme is WooCommerce-ready and it’s very easy to create an online shop with it. With Toolset you can customize the appearance of the Shop Page and design single product the way you want. If you want to learn more about how to customize your online shop built with Soledad, we recommend you read Toolset’s WooCommerce-oriented documentation.

  1. Build powerful forms to submit/edit content on the front end (Toolset CRED)

This feature allows users to submit their property for rent or for sale; directly from the front-end. Toolset helps you to automatically generate front-end forms, based on the custom content you created As you can see below, the auto-generated form features all the custom fields we created; we find all our custom fields previously created: House name, Price, Size etc.

After submitting the form, our property is published and added to the site. If preferred, forms can save new content as drafts, so that you can review them before publishing.

Of course, you can add custom CSS to each form and completely design your form any way you want."you can totally design your form the way you want.

  1. Role Management and Access control for your pages built with Soledad (personal accounts, membership sites)

Let’s say you want to restrict the “houses” so that only logged-in visitors can access them.
In this case, install Toolset Access, create a new custom role and assign the right access accordingly:

  1. Control the theme options from Soledad Theme when you create a custom post types or an archive

When you build a new template with Toolset for your custom post type or an archive page, you can control some of the theme options coming from Soledad.

This control panel is available from the Toolset Layouts editor. Simply edit the template you want to customize theme options for.

Soledad Theme options allow you to control options for each custom post type template separately:

Soledad Theme options also allow you to control options for each Archive template separately: