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Feature Slider


  • Elliott started the conversation

    Hi. Got few questions on the feature slider.

    1) In featured slider style-4, is it possible to direct to the regarding post by clicking on the image as well?

    2) In magazine style-2, can I add that opacity background for the title area like in featured slider style-4?

    3) How do i adjust the height for the slider? Seems entering any number in the customize page doesn't change anything.

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    PenciDesign replied


    1 & 2/ Have you update your theme to latest version?

    If not, let's update your theme to version 4 - check this guide to know how to do that.

    3/ It's options for the height of Penci Slider - Have you read it carefully ?

    And what's slider style you want to change the height?

    Best Regards,