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Setting Soledad with Woocommerce


  • jayaivan started the conversation

    I want to make online store using soledad. Can you make a tutorial how to make the online store using woocommerce and soledad like this link: http://soledad.pencidesign.com/shop/ ? I don’t know how to change the sidebar from right to left and also set up homepage that consist of the products.

    I don't find any tutorial at the documentation. Should you add the guidance at the soledad's documentation and update the youtube video. Thanks.

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    PenciDesign replied


    To do that, please use WPBakery Page Builder to config your homepage.

    Let's check this guide to know how to get WPBakery plugin.

    After that, check this video tutorial to know how to config your site by use WPBakery Page Builder.

    When you use WPBakery Page Builder to config your homepage, you can use elements from Woocommerce to make the products display.

    Best Regards,